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  • 13 September 2023
  • Ankita Ajamani

The Importance of Scaffolding Safety in Construction Projects

It’s a well–known fact that fall dangers are the leading cause of construction worker deaths. The main issue of safety when working on scaffolding comes down to whether or not the scaffold is safe to work on. This implies working with scaffolding that has been erected by trained professionals under the supervision of a capable person and that the scaffold has been properly checked before use.

Scaffolding Safety Do’s:

Get appropriately qualified before using a scaffold. Scaffolding safety training must be done by a qualified person and comprises recognising electrocution, falls, and falling objects threats and the measures for dealing with those dangers.
Get retrained when further hazards present themselves due to changes at the job site or if the type of scaffold, fall protection or falling objects protection changes. You can also be required to receive additional scaffolding safety training if your boss feels that your initial training was not adequately retained.
Always wear your construction helmet when working on, under or around a scaffold. Be mindful of coworkers working above and below you at all times, as well as others working on the scaffold.

Scaffolding Safety Don’ts:

Don't leave anything on the scaffold at the termination of your shift.
Don't burden the scaffold.
Don't use boxes or ladders to raise your work height.
Don't use the scaffold if it seems that it is dented in any way.
Don't walk on scaffold planking covered in ice, snow or mud.
Don’t climb on any portion of the scaffold frame not intended for climbing.
Each construction worker must be furnished with proper protective equipment and be meticulously trained on safe work practices when working on scaffolding. Maruti Steel Fab provides scaffolding on rent in Pune and offers the best scaffolding service and are the premium scaffolding material suppliers in Pune.

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