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Maruti Oak
Crafting Excellence In Plywood, Patti, And Lafaa - Elevating Every Project with Quality Wooden Solution

Maruti Oak, a prominent brand within the Maruti Scaffoldings portfolio, specializes in providing high-quality construction materials tailored to meet your business needs. Our primary focus is on delivering top-tier film face plywood, meticulously engineered to excel in high-repetition applications, particularly in the context of slab casting for construction projects.
Our film face plywood is distinguished by its exceptional durability and suitability for repetitive casting tasks, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in your projects.

In addition to our film face plywood offerings, we offer an extensive range of wooden materials, including patti, chabi, and laafa, all available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to cater to your specific requirements.
At Maruti Oak, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and excellence. Our mission is to serve as your trusted partner in sourcing superior construction materials that not only meet but also exceed your business expectations. Choose Maruti Oak for a seamless construction experience characterized by reliability, durability, and precision, all of which are essential for the success of your business ventures.
Utilizing Maruti Oak products offers several advantages for construction and woodworking projects:
High Durability: Maruti Oak's film face plywood is designed to withstand the rigours of high-repetition applications, making it exceptionally durable and long-lasting. This durability ensures that your construction projects remain structurally sound over time.
Precision and Consistency: specialized film face plywood provided by Maruti Oak is manufactured with precision and consistency, ensuring uniformity in thickness and quality. This precision translates into improved accuracy in construction work.
Versatility: Oak offers a comprehensive range of wooden materials, including patti, chabi, and laafa, available in various sizes and thicknesses. This versatility allows you to choose the right materials for your specific project requirements.
Cost-Effective: While delivering high-quality materials, Maruti Oak remains cost-effective, helping you optimize your construction budget without compromising on quality or performance.
Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal: Maruti Oak's wooden materials, including patti, chabi, and laafa, can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your projects. These materials are not only functional but also visually appealing, adding a touch of elegance to your work.
Reliable Supplier: Maruti Oak is backed by the reputation and reliability of Maruti Scaffoldings. As a trusted supplier, you can rely on them for consistent product quality, on-time delivery, and excellent customer support.
Proven Performance: Maruti Oak products are engineered for performance in construction and woodworking applications. They have been tried and tested in various projects, earning the trust of professionals in the industry.
Sustainable Materials: Maruti Oak is committed to sustainability and may offer environmentally friendly options for construction materials, aligning with the growing emphasis on green building practices.
Technical Support: Maruti Oak may provide technical support and guidance to ensure that you select the right materials for your specific project needs and offer assistance with installation and usage.
Industry Recognition: Maruti Oak's products may have earned recognition or certifications within the construction and woodworking industries, further validating their quality and performance.
In summary, the advantages of using Maruti Oak products include durability, precision, versatility, cost-effectiveness, aesthetic appeal, reliability, proven performance, sustainability, technical support, and industry recognition, all of which contribute to the success and quality of your construction and woodworking projects.

Wooden Patti / Chabi

Wooden Patti

wooden patti

The 8ft Rectangular Wooden Stripe, also known as wood Patti, is a versatile building material designed for use in a variety of construction and woodworking applications. Made from high-quality pine wood, this wood stripe features a rectangular shape with a smooth surface and an attractive brown color.
The wood stripe is 8 feet in length, making it ideal for a variety of construction and woodworking projects. It can be used as a decorative accent, a support beam, or a structural element in building construction. Its rectangular shape makes it easy to handle and work with, while its smooth surface allows for easy sanding and staining to achieve a desired finish.
This wood stripe is ideal for use in indoor applications, such as flooring, wall paneling, or furniture construction. Its attractive brown color and distinctive wood grain make it a popular choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space.
Whether you are a professional builder or DIY enthusiast, the 8ft Rectangular Brown Pine Wood Stripe is an essential tool for any construction or woodworking project. Its high-quality construction, versatile applications, and attractive appearance make it a reliable and versatile material that can be used in a wide range of projects.
Size: 4" X 1.5" X 8 Ft
Weight (1 Unit): 5.05 Kg (Approx)
Volume (1 Unit): 0.34 CFt

Wooden Chabi

wood chabi

The 8ft Brown Silver Wood Chabi is an essential building construction product designed to provide reliable support and stability to the structure being built. Made from high-quality wood material, this chabi is built to withstand the heavy weight and pressure of the construction process.
The chabi features a unique brown silver color that not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances its durability and longevity. Its 8ft length makes it suitable for use in a variety of construction applications, providing ample support and stability to the structure.
Whether you are constructing a residential or commercial building, the 8ft Brown Silver Wood Chabi is a must-have product for any construction project. Its sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure that it will provide the necessary support and stability throughout the construction process, making it a reliable and essential tool for any builder or contractor.
Size: 4" X 1.5" X 8 Ft
Weight (1 Unit): 5.05 Kg (Approx)
Volume (1 Unit): 0.34 CFt



Maruti Oak is synonymous with trust and reliability, offering the best plywood in India. Maruti Oak is a top provider of high-quality film-face plywood and various wooden materials for construction projects. Our products are designed for high-repetition applications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. We offer a variety of sizes and thicknesses, making us cost-effective and contributing to aesthetic appeal. Maruti Oak is known for consistent quality, on-time delivery, and excellent customer support. We take pride in providing our valued customers with high-performance commercial plywood.
When you choose Maruti Oak, you choose a brand synonymous with quality and longevity. Our products are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the diverse needs of our customers, ensuring durability and performance that surpass industry standards. Choose Maruti Oak for the best plywood in Pune, Mumbai, and Maharashtra, India.

Size: 8Ft x 4 Ft
Weight: 34 Kg
Thickness: 12 MM
Repetitions: 7-12 Times(Sub to usage)
Brand: Maruti Oak (High quality in-house production)



Size: 4" X 3" X 8Ft,
         4" X 4" X 8Ft

Volume (1 Unit): 0.67 CFt,
                              0.89 CFt